Monday, March 1, 2021

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

First days of Totara class 2021

On the first day of 2021,      "it was just like a fun day to get everything sorted.  Then the teacher gave us a challenge to work together" - Cooper Nichols

"First we had to make a newspaper line as long as the classroom by using sellotape, staples or glue stick." -Bella

"The next day we had to stick the ends together to make a circle, then the class went to the hall" - Amiria.

"Then we had to hop in the middle of the tyres/tracks and we to walk carefully inside so they wouldn't break."  - Xavier 

The challenge was easy and tricky. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Our trip to Waitangi

On wednesday we traveled to waitangi museum It was a one hour drive when we got there we had Some morning tea. I was in thecar with Zoe's dad, so me Daetyn and Georgie and zoe. Then we went into the museum and put our bags in a cage then we went and had a look inside and we saw some men from the story that we had been reading. It was Tuia 250 the ship could Endeavour. we found out that people have been living in new zealand and new zealand has been a country for five million years then we watched a movie and they had really comedy sets. And the weather was really hot. It was good and we saw the ngatokimatawhaorua waka. It was huge, it was made out of a kauri tree and there was a giant tree stump. And on the way to the car we saw a eel bite a baby's hand. On the car ride back i
felt a bit car sik zoe’s dad speed up over the bridge it was cool. By Connor

Friday, October 23, 2020

Making record bowls

 Today we made record bowls with Hannah. She taught us how to make them in the kitchen.  

To make them you need:

A big bowl that is oven proof 

An oven mitt or gloves 

Old records

An oven

First heat up the oven to about 200 degrees 

Then lay the record on top of the bowl and carefully put it into the oven. Get an adult to help if you need. 

When the record starts to flop it is warm enough to pull from the oven.  Be careful it will be hot!!!
Lastly push down gently and the record will fold into the bowl.

Now you have a record bowl! 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Te Hiku Film festival 2020


Te Hiku Manaiakalani Outreach 2 Film Festival 2020

Our theme for the movies this year was “Life in Lockdown” The movies have been played on the big screen at the Te Ahu Cinema in Kaitaia on Monday 19 October 2020. This is one of the lucky movies to be chosen from our school. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this movie. Please click on the link to view other Manaiakalani Film Festival movies. Please enjoy and feel free to leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment below for the students.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Term 3 reflection

 Totara class has had a tough/good/hard/busy term.  

Some things we found tough were...

Eating a whole chilli after pet day from my vegie animal creation - Lockie

Maths - fractions and decimals were a bit tricky - Bella, Kadee

Trying to make sure we correctly reply to our teacher for the role call. - Daetyn, Ella, Lyrik, Connor

Also remembering to hand sanitize every time we came into the class. - Zoe

Things we found good...

Art and pet day creations - Ava

Playing prodigy - Zoe

Learning cinquain/haiku poems - Cory

Having Mr Shore as a reliever - Leah

I found cross country tiring - Cory

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Clay Creations

 For Pet day we made clay creations, I know that you need to scorch the clay to make it stick together and you need to keep the clay moist so it doesn't dry out and crack.  

I made a turtle and in term 1 we all made a pig at Fern Flat. It takes 1-2 weeks to dry before you fire it in the kiln.  By Ava

Yesterday I made a clay turtle. The clay felt so weird, and I didn't like the feeling, it was so wet and squishy and also kind of cold and nice.  I got a chunk of clay to make a turtle and it had to be thick. 
For Pet day we made a clay animal, I made a penguin.  I loved my penguin.  By Georgia
Today I made a squid from clay.   By Xavier
I made a turtle on a paradise island, I had fun making it.  What you need is clay, water, a kiln and some other stuff.  You have to rub it to make the cracks all smooth.  In 2 weeks you need to fire it in the kiln.  By Colin

I made a seahorse with a baby girl.  So you will need:  Water, Tools and Clay. 

You need to take your time and roll the animal in the shape you want it to be in.  You need to dry it for 1-2 weeks then you need to put it in the kiln.  A kiln is like a very hot oven.  By Leah